All British Casino Welcome Bonus: £100 + 100 free spins!


When you see a casino with a name like “All British Casino” you could be forgiven for wondering if there is really anything uniquely British about this online gambling site. With so many online casinos offering pretty much the same thing, is it possible for one to claim to truly cater to the people of the United Kingdom in a meaningful way?

All British Casino Welcome Bonus

On two important counts at least, All British Casino does what it says on the tin:

  1. The All British Casino welcome bonus is open to residents of the United Kingdom only.
  2. All British Casino has a characteristically British sense of fair play when it comes to its welcome bonus.

It’s this last point that is really most important, and one that will we discuss in detail later on. But to start let’s look at the headline numbers:

For its welcome bonus All British Casino offers new members a tasty 100% matching bonus for your first deposit up to £100. In addition to this, as long as you’ve deposited a minimum of £20, you’ll receive 100 free spins on  Starburst, Pyramid or Aloha!

While this is not the most flamboyant of welcome bonus offers, remember this is All British Casino we’re talking about. If you want flamboyance you’d be better off looking for some sort of All American Casino or, God-forbid, an All French Casino. If you value substance, however, read on. Things are about to get interesting.

Bonus ‘escape clause’

You’ll never see James Bond in an situation he cannot calmly extract himself from, and as an All British Casino member you can likewise have the same confidence of avoiding tight spots when it comes to your bonus.

All British Casino, very sportingly, give you the option to eject yourself from your welcome bonus if you encounter a spot of luck playing with your cash and no longer want to be tied to any wagering requirement.

What does this mean exactly? Precisely this: many casinos (but not all) mix in your initial cash deposit with your bonus funds for every wager. They then impose a wagering requirement on the entire sum before you can make any cash withdrawal. All British Casino instead keep your two sorts of dosh distinct and your initial wagers will all come from your cash balance. If you hit the proverbial jackpot with your cash you are free to ditch your welcome bonus offer and cash out as soon as you like.

All British Casino Live DealersJust to be clear, here’s an example scenario: imagine your first deposit is £100 cash and you are given an additional £100 in bonus funds. Then imagine winning £10,000 with your first spin (hurrah!). Because All British Casino take your initial wagers from your cash, these winning will be added to your cash total, not considered ‘bonus funds.’ You would then be free to withdraw the cash from your big win. An early withdrawal will mean forfeiting your £100 in bonus funds from the welcome bonus, but if you’ve just won 10 grand that’s neither here nor there, is it?

All very proper and terribly fair. 

The fine print

If you’re looking for terms and conditions to trip you up, you’ve come to the wrong place. Nothing to see here on that count. There are a few rules, all very proper and standard, you should be aware of however.

The minimum deposit required to qualify for the matching bonus is £10. As previously mentioned, £20 is required to quality for the free spins.

Speaking of free spins, you can play your hundred on any of three games (Starburst, Pyramid or Aloha!) but once you start using them you cannot switch games. Choose wisely. And be sure to use them all quickly because they expire after 48 hours.

Bonus funds have a 35x wagering requirement (as noted above, this applies to bonus funds, not cash). You’ll need to complete this wagering requirement within 30 days as bonus funds expire after this point.

With regards to the wagering requirement, you will also need to complete this before you can use your bonus in the live casino games.

Skrill and Neteller users will not qualify for the welcome bonus, but that is the way things are at nearly every casino.

It should go without saying, of course, but masking one’s IP address is not on. Rotters who try this manoeuvre to gain an advantage will be found out and have their accounts closed.

One last thing with regards to the ‘escape clause’ mentioned above, in the interest of fair play we feel we must be clear that while this feature is not standard at other casinos, it is not unique. So far we’ve found one other casino, 21 Casino, with a similar rule.

The verdict

Although Bonus Bulldog is a site that seeks out the most spectacular bonuses available, there is something reassuring about the understated quality of the All British Casino offer. And, as this is a casino with a The All British Casino welcome bonus exclusively available to UK-based players, we think it will appeal well to its intended audience. If you are a UK resident and not already an All British Casino member, why not give them a try?


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