betway casino welcome bonus

There is almost an unwritten rule when it comes to large, well-known UK casino brands: the bigger and more established they are, the less exciting their welcome offer is likely to be. This is not because of stinginess exactly. It’s more these casinos are good enough they don’t feel the need to tempt you with eye-catching razzmatazz. This is certainly the case with the Betway Casino welcome bonus, so while we think there are plenty of reasons you should want to give Betway a try, the Betway Casino welcome bonus is probably not one of them.

The Betway Casino welcome bonus

betway-casino-welcome-bonusThe Betway Casino welcome bonus is just a straightforward series of matching deposit offers. There is nothing so gauche as a free spin in sight. Pity that. There’s also a real stinker of a time limit, so watch out!

For your first deposit Betway offer a solid-sounding 100% matching bonus up to a total of £250. Nothing too exciting here, but unfortunately this is the high-water mark for this offer. Things only go downhill from here.

For your second deposit the Betway welcome bonus offers you a 25% matching bonus up to another £250. See what we mean?

For your third deposit, if you’ve not given up yet, Betway offer you a 50% matching bonus up to a total of £500. A slight improvement over the previous deposit bonus, but only slight.

And that’s it. Let’s move onto the terms and conditions because there’s a whopper of one hiding in the fine print of this one.

The Fine Print

Betway’s terms and conditions focus most of their ire on people trying to claim this welcome bonus on multiple accounts or after closing a previous Betway account. Quietly snuck into the other terms and conditions is a crippling time limit, however:

From the moment your account is opened you have 7 days to claim all three Betway Casino welcome bonuses or the offer expires.

That’s a bit of a shocker. Especially if you read further to their general bonus terms, where Betway claim that ‘bonus stacking,’ which they define as using ‘multiple deposits to claim multiple bonuses, before original bonus wagering requirements are met,’ is bonus abuse. In other words, you have 7 days to claim all three deposit bonuses AND meet the wagering requirements of the first two OR it’s bonus abuse.

The wagering requirement for these three initial deposit bonuses is a hefty 50x. This means, in practical terms, anyone maxing out the first deposit bonus to get £250 in bonus funds will need to wager £12,500 before they can legitimately claim the second deposit bonus. That will then require another £12,500 to be played through before the third deposit bonus can be claimed. And all this has to happen withing 7 days!

There is a £20 minimum deposit to qualify for any of these bonuses (which are credited automatically) and the weighting is heavily stacked in favour of slots. If you use your bonus on anything else you will struggle to ever meet the wagering requirement.

The Verdict

No surprise here, we cannot recommend the Betway Casino welcome bonus. It certainly has the sort of sneaky, un-player-friendly feel to it that has given online casinos a bad name in the UK in recent years.

This is a bonus review site, however, not a general casino review site. While we are not recommending the welcome bonus, this does not mean that Betway are not an excellent casino and that they might have other amazing bonuses after the welcome bonus. As we said in our introduction, Betway obviously doesn’t feel the need to attract customers with amazing too-good-to-be-true-sounding offers, and if anything this should be an indication that they are a popular, well-liked casino.

And, Betway also held the world record for the biggest ever online casino jackpot payout, as verified by Guiness World Records. Jonathon Heywood from Cheshire won £13.2 million on Betway Casino playing Mega Moolah for 25p a spin on 6 October, 2015.

So if you are after a huge range of slots, live casino action, sports betting, e-sports betting, or practically anything else gambling-related, or if you just want to have a go at duplicating Mr Heywood’s mammoth win, give Betway a go..But don’t sign up for a Betway account just for the Betway Casino welcome bonus.

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