Spinzilla welcome bonus

Like many online casinos these days, Spinzilla is fronted by a cute, cuddly character – in this instance a blob-shaped blue creature that is apparently a ‘spinzilla,’ whatever that is. However charming and friendly the Spinzilla character appears, however, this is a casino with a really punitive welcome bonus. The terms of the free £5 no deposit bonus are reasonably generous, but after that things quickly descend into player-unfriendly territory pretty quickly. See below…

The Spinzilla Welcome Bonus

Spinzilla’s welcome bonus starts off very well – anyone who registers with a valid account gets £5 free at sign-up with no deposit. This is a great way for players to have fun with a new casino in a way that suits them without risking their own money. So, big points for Spinzilla for starting off so well.

Spinzilla also offer five deposit bonuses, which, taken as a group, look reasonably impressive.

  • First Deposit Bonus: 100% matching bonus up to £100 + 10 free spins for The Magical Forest
  • Second Deposit Bonus: 100% matching bonus up to £100 + 10 free spins for Las Cucas Locas
  • Third Deposit Bonus: 100% matching bonus up to £100 + 10 free spins for Jurassic Juniors
  • Fourth Deposit Bonus: 100% matching bonus up to £100 + 10 free spins for Fluffy Too
  • Fifth Deposit Bonus: 100% matching bonus up to £100 + 10 free spins for Fish and Chips

Add them all up and you get a free £5 no deposit bonus, 50 free spins, and up to £500 in matching deposit bonuses. Normally at this point we’d be hoping for some reasonably player-friendly terms and conditions and then expecting to write a fairly positive review. This is not a normal situation.

The Fine Print

Before we get into any specifics, we feel obligated to explain that Spinzilla’s terms and conditions are some of the longest and most confusing we have ever come across. It could be that some of the following is based on a misunderstandings (and we are asking Spinzilla to confirm or clarify some of the points below).

Again, things start well. The free £5 no deposit bonus has a wagering requirement of 50x, which is actually on the low side for a bonus of this type. This is free money, so heavy restrictions are to be expected. There is a is also a £10 minimum for any of the deposit bonuses. So far so normal.

Then things get weird. The wagering requirement for the deposit bonuses is 75x the combined bonus and deposit. Or maybe just the bonus. The terms and conditions appear to contradict themselves so it depends where you read. 75x is really high even if it applies to just the bonus anyway. If it is bonus + deposit it is the highest we’ve ever encountered (by some margin). Either way, it should be enough to put off most players. There is also a 14 day time limit to meet the wagering requirement, so if you max out the first deposit bonus you’ll need to get through £7,500 in wagers (or £15,000 depending on which part of the terms and conditions you believe) in two weeks. That’s a LOT of gambling.

Winnings for free spins have a wagering requirement. We think it is 75x, but we’re not totally sure. It seems to vary depending on the offer, but nothing is listed on the main welcome bonus promotion listing.

If you do somehow manage to get through this punitive wagering requirement and time limit combo, please be aware there is a £400 winnings cap for the bonuses.

The terms and conditions also contain some really odd statements, such as the stipulation that to claim free spins players are still “responsible for the associated cost of using the Internet when participating.” Why do they need to say that?

There are possibly other unwelcome rules in the Spinzilla welcome bonus terms and conditions we have not covered. After finding the rules above we’ve decided not to read the rest of it, which is really long, confusing, and appears to contradict itself. We know enough to make our conclusion.

The Verdict

If you’re still reading this and are in any doubt, we cannot recommend the Spinzilla welcome bonus at this time. That’s a shame, as we are generally a fan of free free £5 no deposit bonuses. We are speaking to Spinzilla about our concerns, however, and we have reason to believe some of the confusion will be addressed soon. If so, we will happily revise our opinion.

There is a school of thought which says you might as well grab the free £5 no deposit bonus as it’s free and there’s no downside to free. Fair enough, but these deposits are really meant more to explore a new casino and are usually not conducive to scoring a big win. If you are already determined not to continue to the deposit bonus stage we just don’t see the point.

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