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Bonus Bulldog Terms & Conditions

At Bonus Bulldog we do our best to make the sometimes-confusing world of gambling-site terms and conditions as clear as possible. Because we want to be as clear as possible about the intentions of this site we have introduced our own terms and conditions.

This website is intended for readers who are 18 years of age or older.

Bonus Bulldog is written to help gamblers find an online gambling bonus that suits them best. Bonuses vary in structure and quality. Some are very easy to understand, others less so. We try to recommend bonuses we think our readers will find attractive, but we also try to make some of the detail in the terms and conditions of a bonus more transparent. Whenever possible we try to ask questions of the gambling operators to make sure our statements are accurate. We receive regular communication from the operators that appear on our websites about changes to their offers or terms and conditions, and we strive to revise our information as soon as possible so that it can be as accurate as possible. Despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee that our information is 100% accurate, however. Whenever there is a discrepancy between the information on Bonus Bulldog and an operator’s terms and conditions, the operator’s terms and conditions take precedence. We ask therefore that readers use Bonus Bulldog for preliminary information about a bonus offer only, and to check an operator’s own terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up or making a deposit.

The primary intended audience for this website is the people of the United Kingdom. Readers from other jurisdictions are welcome to read this site and to use it to choose a bonus offer that suits them, however the information we are providing for our UK audience may not be accurate for players from their country. Please be aware most operators on this site will refuse to accept players from some jurisdictions (particularly the from the United States of America).

The owners of Bonus Bulldog receive commissions from the operators mentioned on this site in exchange for website traffic that results in revenues for their company. We strive to provide impartial and unbiased information to our readers, but in the interests of transparency we wish to be upfront about this.

The content on this website is written in the spirit that online gambling is a recreational activity, should be engaged in in moderation, and not an appropriate or reliable source for regular income. While a gambling bonus can give players a better playing experience, some will reduce the odds of a player making significant gains from their gambling activities. We try to highlight any player-unfriendly terms that we spot, and we try to alert our readers to rules which we think are deceptive or confusing.

Gambling can be addictive. Please play responsibly.




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