Touch Lucky Welcome Bonus

Interested in a free £5 no deposit bonus? Who isn’t, and that’s just what you get with the Touch Lucky welcome bonus. As you will see from the rest of this review, the no deposit bonus is the high point for this overall offer, which is a shame. Before we go any farther, though, we have one niggling question: What does ‘Touch Lucky‘ mean?

We don’t know. We’ve tried looking online, especially Urban Dictionary and the like. It sounds kinda weird, to be honest, or at least something that should be done between consenting adults. Never mind. Let’s talk about the welcome bonus:

The Touch Lucky Welcome Bonus

A £5 no deposit bonus is a great way to start off with any online casino, so Touch Lucky get top marks for this. Interestingly, there is no requirement for a valid credit or debit card listed in the terms and conditions, just a valid email. This gives players an extra layer of reassurance that they won’t be charged for taking up the bonus. Way to go Touch Lucky!

The rest of the Touch Lucky welcome bonus is spread over the first three deposits, all of which have a £10 minimum to qualify for:

First Deposit: 200% matching bonus up to £50 + 50 free spins on Starburst

Second Deposit: 100% matching bonus up to £200

Third Deposit: 50% matching bonus up to £250

Put it all together and you have an impressive total: a free £5 no deposit bonus + 50 free spins + £500 (£50 +£200+£250) in deposit bonus funds.

The Fine Print

Just to warn you, this section starts off somewhat positive and gets much less so as you read. We’ll start off with one relatively bright spot to ease the pain: each of the four bonuses outlined below have a relatively generous 28 day time limit. That’s nice.

The free £5 no deposit bonus has a fair number of restrictions, but bonuses of this type always do. They are best seen as a risk-free way of trying a casino out rather than a chance to fill your boots.

There is a 100x wagering requirement which is pretty standard for a no deposit bonus. There is a winnings cap for this promotion, which again is fairly standard for this type of bonus. It is set at £20. Bizarrely, there is also a minimum withdrawal also set at £20. So, if you win any money with this bonus we know it will be £20.

Unfortunately, the high wagering requirements and winnings caps do not stop with the no deposit bonuses, so the player-friendliness of this offer as a whole declines as you go along.

There is a 30x wagering requirement for the deposit bonuses, set at the bonus amount and the deposit. This means the wagering requirement, when compared to bonus-only wagering requirements, gets bigger for each deposit bonus.

So, for the first deposit bonus, if you deposit the minimum amount of £10 you’ll end up with £30 to play with and 50 free Starburst spins (with a value of 10p each, by the way). The wagering requirement would work out to £900, which is high but not the highest ever, and as it comes with 50 free spins perhaps worth considering.

The second and third deposit bonuses give you a lot less bonus funds, however, and no free spins. Applying the 30x wagering requirement to your deposit for reward therefore makes less and less sense. For example, max out the third deposit bonus with a £500 deposit and you’ll get a total of £750 to play for, but then have to play through £22,500. That’s equivalent to a 90x bonus only wagering requirement. Yikes!

There is also a winnings cap on deposit bonuses, which is a really player-unfriendly move. It is set at 4 times the amount of the bonus, so in the last example, you would be asked to play through £22,500 with the maximum you could keep being set at £1,000.

There are also the standard conditions setting the wagering requirement weightings for some games less than for others, and the like. By this point we think we’ve seen enough, however, and we’re ready to give our verdict.

The Verdict

On the whole, despite the normally player-friendly £5 no deposit bonus, this is a pretty player-unfriendly welcome bonus offer. You can’t lose any money with the no deposit bonus, so there’s no real harm in taking it up, but you are very very unlikely to win any money either.

And the same goes for the deposit bonuses. They are designed to hem in, as much as possible, any chances that you might actually win any money. If you really want the 50 free spins on Starburst (with a nominal value of £5), then making a minimum £10 deposit for the first deposit bonus might be worth considering. Otherwise, the more players invest in this bonus offer, the more the odds are increasingly stacked against the players. That seems hardly fair.

So, on balance, we would advise players that it is probably best to avoid this Touch Lucky welcome bonus. There are other free £5 no deposit bonuses on offer (see here), so perhaps it is best to stick to those.

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