Vera & John Welcome Bonus: £100 + £5,000 guaranteed daily winner


At Bonus Bulldog we really like Vera & John casino. That may surprise our regular readers as, if we’re honest, the Vera & John welcome bonus is not the biggest or most spectacular on offer. Not by a considerable distance, actually. But we are still enthusiastically encouraging our regulars to give Vera & John a try. Why? Simple – there’s more to bonuses than just the welcome bonus. Vera & John is a quirky, fun casino that is chock full of bonuses, and fantastic winner guarantees. What they may lack in terms of a jazzy welcome offer they more than make up for in ongoing slots fun. Read below for more details.

But as this is a welcome bonus review, we ought to explain the welcome offer we suppose. Here goes:

The Vera & John welcome bonus: £100 matching deposit bonus

Vera & John casino have a simple, straightforward welcome bonus. They match your first deposit 100% up to a total of £100 in bonus money. Not the flashiest or most complicated welcome bonus (and there are a LOT of flashy but complicated welcome bonuses out there) but it also has one other fantastic feature: your deposit and bonus are ‘unlinked.’

What does ‘unlinked’ mean? In brief, wagers are initially taken from your cash deposit and the bonus funds only kick in once you’ve used these up. If you hit a big win before touching your bonus, you are free to make a withdrawal without a wagering requirement. You’ll forfeit your bonus funds, but if you have a big win it would still be in your interest to do so. We go into more detail about what this means in the Welcome Bonus Bonusapedia entry, but we can assure you this is a good sign. Casinos with unlined bonuses tend to have fairer, more player-friendly bonuses. Yeah!

So even though the welcome bonus is on the small side, it comes with the sorts of terms and conditions you want your online casino to have.

Guaranteed Winnings

Vera and John casino guaranteed winnersYou will also get the sense that Vera & John is a fun, but fair casino when you hear about their Guaranteed Winnings. At least one Vera & John player will win £5,000 (or equivalent) every day, guaranteed.

You’re probably thinking what we were thinking: how do they guarantee that? Easy. If at the end of the day no one has won £5,000 the person who has had the biggest single spin win get’s their win bumped up. Seriously. So if the biggest win of the day is £2,000 that person’s win is nearly tripled to £5,000. We think this is amazing!

But even more amazing than the daily guaranteed winner is the monthly guaranteed winner. Someone will win £100,000 playing Vera & John every month! Same rules apply – if it doesn’t happen naturally whoever has won the most gets their win pushed up to £50K.

Other Vera & John bonuses

Vera & John may have a quirky, zany feel to it as a casino, but they take their bonuses very seriously. At any given time there are likely to be plenty of tournaments, special offers, and more.

The Fine Print

To qualify for the first deposit bonus you will need to deposit a minimum of £10. There is a 40x wagering requirement for the bonus only (remember, the cash deposit and the bonus money are “unlinked”). There are limits on how much can be bet at a time when meeting the wagering requirement (a generous £6.25 on slots), and some games other than slots count less towards it (as is normal). Bonus funds expire 30 days after use if the wagering requirement is not met.

The Verdict

We started this review out saying how much we like Vera & John, so it should be no surprise when we heartily recommend this bonus. Not because the bonus itself is particularly snazzy, but it is fair and straightforward. Most importantly, it is a great introduction to Vera & John casino itself, which is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

If you’ve never played Vera & John before, now would be a great time to give them a try. Every day you play you’ll know one player will get a £5,000 spin. And you’ll also know that player may be you!

The only remaining unanswered question is this: just who are Vera & John? Perhaps we will find out some day.

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