Win a Med holiday and a £10,000 roulette wager from LeoVegas!


Everyone’s favourite leonine casino, LeoVegas, has launched an amazing contest to help you chase away those winter blues: a prize draw to win a Mediterranean holiday plus the chance to wager £10,000 on a red or black roulette bet while you are there!

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LeoVegas Red or Black

leovegas-red-and-black-skyscraperThis contest is a lottery-style affair but with a few twists, so pay attention.

Every £10 you play on regular live roulette table will earn you a point. Every £10 you wager on a LeoVegas branded live roulette table earns you 2 points!

Make sure you understand the difference here – you can access both regular and LeoVegas branded live roulette tables via the LeoVegas casino. The difference is on a regular table you will be playing alongside players from other casinos. If you are using the LeoVegas branded live casino table you will be only with other LeoVegas players, and there are plenty of LeoVegas logos and colour schemes everywhere. The games are the same, so there’s no reason not to play on a LeoVegas table for this contest (other than you might find it hard to get a seat because of increased demand).

The contest runs over 3 week long heats:

Week One: 1st – 8th January

Week Two: 9th – 15th January

Week Three: 16th – 22nd January

At the end of every week the top 36 players on the points leader-board get prizes but with an awesome twist! If you’re place on the leader-board corresponds to a red number on the roulette wheel (e.g. 7) you win £400. Black numbers get £200.

The Draw

Every player in the final 36 each week will get a ticket in the draw for every day they have played (so if you played £10 on a table every day of a week you’ll get 7 tickets). On the 23 January at 5pm at the LeoVegas Celebrity Blackjack Party table, all qualified players will have their tickets put into a hat. 5 randomly chosen red players and 5 randomly chosen black players to win a shiny new iPhone 7!

And here’s another twist….

The last red player and the last black player chosen from the draw will be entered into the final. This will take place at the LeoVegas Live Roulette table at 5pm on 24 January (the next day). A ball will be spun, and depending on whether it lands on red or black, one player will win a trip of a lifetime weekend break in the Med, plus the grand prize: a chance to win £20,000.

That’s right, while on your magical weekend break you will get the chance to place a £10K roulette wager on red or black. If you win it, you get to keep the £20,000 prize money. Oh, and you’ll also get Flights to a Mediterranean destination and transfers,  5-star accommodation, and spending money.

The Fine Print

As with any contest, let alone a casino contest, there are lengthy terms and conditions which all players should check on the LeoVegas website. The main ones that we think could trip you up are the times of play. Only wagers between 00:01 on 1st January 2017 until 23:59 22nd January 2017 GMT count.

Also, the prize holiday in the Med takes place on the weekend of the 11th February 2017. If you can’t make it, the runner up will be awarded the prize. There are no cash alternatives, so don’t get any cute ideas about a prize swap if someone in your family has a wedding you can’t get out of. The casino where the roulette wager takes place will chosen by LeoVegas nearer the time.

The Verdict

Everyone loves prizes, and the twisty nature of this contest means there are lots of reasons to keep playing. And if you like like live roulette you will like LeoVegas, baby. They do it right. Just be sure to check out the full terms and conditions if you are the sort of person who wants to know all the details – what appears on the LeoVegas website has precedence over what appears here of course.

Best get over to the LeoVegas roulette table asap, though. It’s probably getting pretty crowded!

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